How to Perfect the Side Crow Pose in Yoga

Written By Elyce Neuhauser

| Updated on  May 15, 2024
How to Perfect the Side Crow Pose in Yoga

Side Crow Pose in Yoga, also known as Side Crane, is a strong-arm balance that can help you become more confident, patient, flexible, and brave. It can also strengthen your abs and upper body. The Side Crow Pose in Yoga may look hard, but some people find it easier than the Crow Pose. It feels steadier because both legs are close, and the arm position supports the legs. In Parsva Bakasana, you don't put one knee on each arm like in Crow Pose or Crane Pose. Instead, you twist, work your abs, and stack both knees against one elbow. After you get this one, you can get more arm balances. This pose might be part of a set that works on arm balance, the upper and middle back, the core, or building up the arms.

As you lift your legs and feet into Parsva Bakasana, make minor, quiet adjustments to find your balance. The pose is easy once you find your "sweet spot."

How to do Side Crow Pose in Yoga

  • Face the long side of your mat and squat with your feet and knees.
  • Inhale and raise your left arm. Turn right, exhale, and place both hands on the floor outside your right foot. Hands shoulder-distance apart; wrist creases parallel to one other and mat edge.
  • Adjust your body forward and extend your elbows to 90 degrees to stack your elbows over your wrists like Chaturanga Dandasana. Roll your upper arm and head away from the floor.
  • Place your right outside thigh on your left upper arm shelf. Draw your elbows together and close to your body.
  • Twisting with your knees and feet stacked, lift your feet.
  • Lower your forehead onto a block or bolster to balance while lifting your feet.
  • Hold for 3–5 breaths, then drop your feet.
  • Flip and repeat.

Beginner's tip

This position requires arm strength, but your abdominals support you and prevent wrist strain. Hold the pose with a deep twist and core activation.

Place a block before you to rest your head on when shifting forward. Lift your feet and place your forehead on a block or bolster.

Side Crow Pose Benefits

  • Tones Your Center: Side Crow Pose in Yoga locks in your stomach muscles, making a difference in shape and toning your centre efficiently.
  • Reinforces Your Arms and Shoulders: By supporting your body weight on your arms, the Side Crow Pose in Yoga builds arm and shoulder strength, making ordinary exercises more straightforward.
  • Makes strides Adjust: Practicing Side Crow Pose Yoga challenges your change in a fun and open way, improving your soundness and coordination over time.
  • Boosts Certainty: Acing Side Crow Pose in Yoga boosts your certainty as you prevail in a challenging but achievable yoga pose, enabling you both on and off the tangle.
  • Extends Your Hips: Side Crow Pose in Yoga extends your hip muscles, calming snugness and inconvenience in this tense region.
  • Upgrades Absorption: The bending activity in this Pose[1] massages your stomach organs, supporting absorption and promoting a healthy, solid intestine.
  • Increments Center: Adjusting requires concentration and center, making a difference to hone your mental clarity and nearness.

Side Crow Pose Variations

  • Upheld Side Crow: Put a piece beneath one hand for more solidity as you lift into the Side Crow Pose. This helps fledglings feel more secure while building quality.
  • Expanded Leg Variety: Attempt extending one leg to the side while adjusting inside Crow Pose. This includes a bit of challenge and makes a difference in moving forward, change and coordination.
  • Turned Side Crow: In this variation of Side Crow Pose, you bend your middle slightly and lift one arm towards the ceiling. This pose extends the spine and shoulders.
  • Flying Pigeon Variety: Begin in Pigeon Posture and then move into Side Crow by putting your hands on the ground and lifting your hips. This alteration combines hip opening with arm adjusting.
  • One-Legged Side Crow:Lift one foot off the ground and bring the knee towards your chest while adjusting inside Crow Pose. This makes a difference and reinforces the center and hip flexors.


Mastering Side Crow Pose in yoga requires devotion, tolerance, and a readiness to challenge yourself. After the step-by-step direction, honing, and remaining steady in your endeavors, you can idealize this enabling posture and harvest its benefits for your body and intellect.

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