Explore the Categories, Instructions, and Benefits of Yoga Puppy Pose

Written By Elyce Neuhauser

| Updated on  May 15, 2024
Explore the Categories, Instructions, and Benefits of Yoga Puppy Pose

Up in the air with your butt. Down to the floor with your chest. What do I have in mind? Of course the puppy pose!. It doesn't have to look that way, though. 

Sometimes I roll out of bed, hit the floor, and get into Yoga Puppy Pose with my eyes half open and crusty. Can you hear my back popping in a soft way? It feels sooooo good ????.

If you're stressed out at work and want to find a yoga pose that will help you calm down and rest, try the extended puppy pose yoga. It's also called Uttana Shishosana. It's like a mix of Downward Dog and Child's Pose. 

Puppy Yoga Pose can be done in their basic forms. This pose is also known as the "Melting Heart Pose." Because it stretches the arms, shoulders, upper back, and spine, it is especially good for people with back and shoulder pain.

Puppy pose in yoga is a key backbend for players to do for their recovery. It opens up the lower back, stretches the lats and forearms, and extends the spine, especially at the thoracic level. 

Target Muscle: Spine, Lower back, Chest

Level: Beginners

What does "puppy pose" mean?

It looks like a puppy stretching its whole body, which is what the name suggests. According to yoga teacher Elyce Neuhauser, this pose is usually done after a hard session of poses that work on the spine, shoulders, and back. It is called this because it is a very intense stretch pose.

How to Prepare for Yoga Puppy Pose

It involves a few steps to prepare your body is ready for this pose:

  • Core Activation
  • Shoulder and Chest Opener
  • Wrist Warm-Up
  • Alignment Awareness
  • Modify as Needed

Warm-Up Exercises for Yoga Puppy Pose

These are some warm-up exercises[1] for you to prepare your body for Yoga Pose Puppy:

  • Cat-Cow Stretch
  • Thread the Needle
  • Shoulder Circles
  • Neck Rolls
  • Wrist Circles

How to Perform Yoga Puppy Pose


Step 1. Start on your hands and knees on the tabletop, shoulders over wrists and hips over knees. Footsteps should be level on the tangle.

Step 2. Walk forward with shoulders-width arms and lower your chest. Keep your hips above your knees and don't change those positions.

Step 3. If it feels good, lower your temple to the tangle. Coming up onto your chin and facing forward develops shoulder extension. Ensure this form doesn't strain the neck or shoulders. In case it eases.

Step 4. Squeeze your palms into the tangle and elevate your elbows and lower arms. Once you have puppy posture, you may try other hand positions.

Step 5. Draw bear edges together and raise hips to the heavens. Let your neck hang slack.

Step 6. Hold the pose for 5-10 breaths, then lift your head and walk your hands back to the tabletop.

Categories of Yoga Puppy Pose


Practice helpful poses for a few minutes. They are disconnected positions that increase adaptation, calm the body and mind, and torture. Items and pads can add support.


Backbends strengthen the back and stretch the front. Lower your forehead onto the tangle with palms forward. Raising your hands, return your hips to mid-heel.

Yoga Puppy Pose Benefits

Spinal Flexibility: Practicing the puppy posture stretches and extends the spine. It calms pressure within the back and shoulders.

Bear and chest opening: The posture makes a difference in opening the shoulders and chest and diminishes solidness.

Help from Tension: It helps in discharging pressure within the upper body, reducing stretch, and advancing unwinding.

Mindfulness and Center: Practicing the posture empowers mindfulness and upgrades concentration.

Enthusiastic Release: It encourages enthusiastic discharge, supporting mental clarity and a sense of well-being.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Overarching the Lower Back
  • Sinking the Chest Towards the Floor
  • Hunching the Shoulders
  • Overextending the Neck
  • Not Using Props When Needed
  • Forcing the Stretch


Puppy Pose can be a great addition to any overall health routine because it can help with so many mental and physical issues. By including the Puppy pose yoga  in your daily routine, you can take a comprehensive approach to your health. 

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