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Dolphin Pose Yoga

Dolphin Pose Yoga is a great pose to start with for many reasons. The shoulder joint is weak for most people just starting yoga, but this strengthens it. The Dolphin Yoga Poseย is a variation of the downward-facing dog pose, mainly used instead of it. This pose calms the mind and can be used as a form of meditation if the body is not in pain. This pose is more than just a steady hold. Still, it lets you test the different levels of mental and physical strength needed for inversions without the fear of lifting the armโ€™s balance. Yoga Poses Dolphin helps you improve at the upside-down poses and changes how your body moves over time. Sarvamayurasana is another name for it in Sanskrit. Different body parts can be stretched simultaneously in Dolphin Pose Yoga.

It’s also considered a relaxing and calming pose, and it’s a great place to start for people new to the mental side of yoga. For people with asthma, high blood pressure, or pain, this pose can also help. If you are pregnant or have menstrual pain, you should avoid the downward dog pose. Instead, try a more helpful pose.

Beginners’ tips

  • Before you lift your knees off the ground, use the tips of your other hands to touch your elbows. This helps keep your arms about shoulder-width apart.
  • Keep your knees bent if your legs are straight, but your back is round to make your spine longer.
  • You can get more substantial for this pose as you do Downward Facing Dog and Forearm Plank.

How to Do Dolphin Pose Yoga

  1. All fours, get down on your hands and knees.
  2. Lay your wrists on the ground and your elbows right under your shoulders.
  3. You can either lay your palms down and keep your wrists straight or cross your fingers and tuck the bottom little finger in.
  4. Curl your toes under as you let out your breath. Lift your knees off the ground and squeeze your lower belly.
  5. Stretch out your tailbone and lift your sitting bones as you raise your legs and bring your heels to the floor. They don’t have to touch the floor.
  6. Use the muscles in your thighs and keep your lower belly in.
  7. Actively press your wrists into the floor.
  8. Keep some room between your shoulder blades as you press them down onto your back.
  9. Stretch your back. Keep your head off the ground between your arms.
  10. Hold on for five to twenty breaths.
  11. To get out of Child’s Pose, let your knees fall back to the floor as you let out your breath.

Dolphin Pose Yoga Benefits

  • It makes the mind calm and helps with worry and mild depression.
  • Shoulders, hamstrings, legs, and arches are stretched.
  • It makes the legs and arms stronger.
  • It makes menopause symptoms better.
  • It helps with menstrual pain when done with the head supported.
  • It keeps osteoporosis from happening.
  • Helps digestion.
  • Helps with headaches, sleeplessness, back pain, and tiredness.
  • helpful for asthma, high blood pressure, flat feet, and sciatica

Dolphin Pose Yoga Variations

  • To make the movement more attractive, lift your feet off the ground when you breathe in and let them go when you breathe out.
  • You can move from Dolphin to Forearm Plank and back to Dolphin as you breathe.
  • To prepare for Forearm Balance and Headstands, walk your feet closer to your hands and lift one leg at a time.
  • With your fingers crossed, bring your chin closer to your hands and then push through your wrists to lift yourself back up. This will make the exercise more challenging.
  • Lift your elbows off the mat so your wrists are straight before you. This will change the Dolphin pose yoga into the “Turbodog” pose.


Dolphin Pose Yoga is not just a physical exercise; it’s a holistic practice that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit. By exploring its benefits, variations, and proper techniques, practitioners can embark on a transformative journey toward enhanced well-being and self-discovery. Whether a beginner or an experienced yogi, Dolphin Pose Yoga invites you to dive deeper into the ocean of self-awareness, resilience, and inner peace.

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