Easily Do Legs Behind Head Yoga Pose | Yoga For Beginners

Written By Elyce Neuhauser

| Updated on  May 16, 2024
Easily Do Legs Behind Head Yoga Pose | Yoga For Beginners

Legs Behind Head Yoga Pose is a progressive hip opener that requires adaptability, steadiness, and quality. Whereas this posture could appear challenging, you'll work your way up with preliminary postures that increase adaptability in your spine, hips, and legs. The Legs Behind Head Yoga Pose are one of those clichés llpostures that yogis regularly aim for. It's a challenging posture for everybody. It gives us a research facility for investigating our limits and extending our thoughts about what's conceivable. But this pose does have us working exceptionally close to our end of the extent of movement.

The leg behind the head could be a challenging posture, so as it were, now and then, it shows up within the normal vinyasa course. In any case, leg-behind postures appear in each arrangement inside my Ashtanga system. There's one asana within the essential arrangement that can incorporate the leg behind head activity (supra kurmasana) if you are doing that variety. The middle-of-the-road arrangement has three asanas with one or both legs behind the head. The third arrangement of stances has five asanas with one or both legs behind the head. So, those who practice and ponder inside the Ashtanga framework will at least approach the thought of the legs behind head yoga pose.

How to Do the Legs Behind Head Yoga Pose

  • Start in a seated position.
  • Twist one knee and pivot it to the side, upward, and back.
  • Pivot your head forward and put your lower leg over the lower leg, behind your head, at the wrinkle of your neck.
  • Make more space by bringing the best of your bear and arm through, squeezing the bear back, and lifting the chin to keep the leg in position.
  • Keep the middle facing forward.
  • Twist the other knee and turn it out to the side, upward, and back, utilizing the same side hand to put the feet next to each other.
  • Drop your hand to adjust, and let the feet work closer together until the lower legs are crossed.
  • Make more space by bringing the beat of your inverse bear and arm through.
  • Once adjusted, bring your hands to meet in supplication.

Without Medications Benefits

  1. Hip opening is one of the vital benefits of the legs behind head pose. Practicing it without consideration of arrangement can cause strain.
  2. Perform the posture after an interview with a specialist if you have neck, hip, or back issues.
  3. Because it is a progressed yoga asana, including escalated, performing ustrasana and prostrate spinal turns as remedial and countering this pose's flexion angle is prescribed.

Benefits to Practise this Yoga Pose

1. Hip Opener

Legs behind Head Yoga Pose is a fabulous hip opener. The solid engagement of the legs and the posterior's outside revolution results in the hips' opening. So advanced professionals can take advantage of this posture for solid hips.

2. Increases blood flow

It increments the bloodstream, particularly within the back locale. The body's tissues, muscles, and organs get fed with the upgraded blood supply, resulting in wellbeing and wellness. The increase in the bloodstream also makes a difference in adjusting hemoglobin levels.

3. Solid Center

The Eka Pada Sirasana tones the center locale. As you hold your middle upright and keep it up while raising your leg within the posture[1], you permit the pose to work its enchantment. And as a result, you get a solid and conditioned center.

4. Extends the back

Your back encounters an extension due to the characteristic thrust and drag of the leg and neck. The extending impact keeps the back muscles solid and adaptable, protecting them from torment.

5. Fed Apprehensive Framework

The practice of profound breathing in a pose helps feed the brain's nerves. Both the asana and the breathing ease the diminishment of push hormones, making a difference in your intellect to be calm.


In conclusion, incorporating the Legs Behind Head Yoga Pose into your yoga schedule can be a fulfilling experience. As you advance, remember to tune in to your body, look for direction from a qualified teacher, and appreciate the method. The benefits extend beyond the physical domain, cultivating a sense of adjustment and tranquility in your wellbeing.


  1. Is the Legs Behind Head Yoga Pose safe for individuals with high blood pressure?

Approach with caution; consult a healthcare professional for guidance.

  1. Can practicing this pose improve posture?

Yes, it engages core muscles and promotes posture awareness.

  1. Should I attempt this pose if I have a neck injury?

Avoid or seek modifications under professional guidance.

  1. Does this pose help with digestion?

Stimulates abdominal organs, aiding digestion.

  1. Can pregnant women practice preparatory poses for this pose?

Yes, consult a prenatal yoga instructor for suitable modifications.

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