The term for Yoga means “union” or “yoke.” To yoke is to bind, draw, or bring together. Its goal is to unite the body, mind, soul, and universal consciousness under its yoke. Yogis can achieve profound experiences of liberation, calm, and self-realization by bringing their bodily, mental, emotional, and spiritual identities together.
Yoga is an age-old system of mental, physical, and spiritual exercises that have been handed down from teacher to pupil throughout the years. Yogic practices include postures, breathing exercises, relaxation, chanting, and other forms of meditation. There are numerous varieties of yoga, each with a distinct emphasis and method for achieving a unified condition.

  • Yama The ethical standards of behavior
  • Niyama: The outward rituals and within exercises
  • Asana: The appropriate stance
  • Pranayama: The correct techniques for breathing
  • Pratyahara: The shutting off of senses from outside stimulants
  • Dharana: The practice of mental focus and concentration
  • Dhyana is the practice of meditation and single-point attention.
  • Samadhi: The complete suspension of thought to achieve unity
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